Hortycodes: Connecting Gardens, People and Information

Hortycodes™ connects gardens, people and information through our mobile solutions. We provide mobile services for botanical gardens, arboreta and nurseries which educate and entertain patrons as well as helping nurseries, botanical gardens & arboreta generate revenue with our powerful money-making services.

We connect garden patrons and nursery customers to rich horticultural information such as latin name, audio pronunciation, common name, planting conditions, images, and more on their mobile devices, via Hortycodes™ QR codes. We also provide high-quality anodized aluminum labels and Revlar™ weatherproof paper labels.

Our services help nurseries, botanical gardens & arboreta promote the green industry and boost their revenue while giving visitors and customers the best experience possible.

Hortycodes™ mobile solutions come standard with Nursery Connect, language translations, and scan tracking and we also offer additional services such as our Hortycode Hunt Mobile Game and many more.

When you place an order with Hortycodes.com you'll tell us what plants you have in your garden that need Hortycodes™, and we'll send them to you immediately. Once you receive them, you'll affix it to your plants and whenever you need information just scan the Hortycode™ with your smartphone and instantly get all the information you'll need!

Hortycodes™ are perfect for use in botanical gardens, arboretums, nurseries, and garden centers.